"Panic button" proposed for every California classroom

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(CBS) SACRAMENTO - A California lawmaker is proposing that every school classroom, along with other widely used campus spaces, is equipped with a panic button that instantly alerts law enforcement of emergencies, CBS Sacramento reported.

"There is no question that we all have a heightened sense of school safety inadequacies right now," said Assemblymember Kristin Olsen (R-Modesto), alluding to the December school shooting massacre in Newtown, Conn.

If passed, the measure will equip schools with a panic button with a direct link to dispatch law enforcement and sound campus alarms to alert others at the school of an emergency.

"We must take action to give schools the proper resources to act when faced with life-threatening situations," said Olsen.

The bill would add the panic alarm to the current safety plan that schools are required to have in effect and distribute to local officials and first responders, CBS Sacramento reported.