Paltrow Experiments With Slapstick

Gwyneth Paltrow "View From The Top
Actress Gwyneth Paltrow demonstrates a new skill - slapstick humor - in her latest film, "View From the Top."

"I wanted to do something that was completely different, silly, light, physical," says Paltrow to CBS News Correspondent Bill Whitaker.

In the Bruno Baretto's romantic comedy, the Oscar-winning actress plays Donna, a woman from meager beginnings. She has a dream of becoming a first-class international flight attendant and does her best to make it come true. Donna faces obstacles, but she is determined, Paltrow says.

And she gets plenty of help from friends on and off screen. On Donna's journey to become a flight attendant, she teams with Christina Applegate, known for her role in the television series "Married With Children," as an equally sassy stewardess. Actress Kelly Preston also goes for the movie ride.

"Kelly was great. She's so sweet. She would have us over for dinner and it would be girl nights over there. It was just light and fun," Paltrow says.

Comedian Mike Myers even makes a cameo appearance. But working with him was not easy, Paltrow says. "It was really hard because he is so funny. At the end of the film, you know you see all of those outtakes and I just could not keep a straight face. I was totally unprofessional. I could not stop laughing," she says.

In the movie, her character chases her dream to fly to Paris. In real life, she's fulfilled her dream to live in London. She's bought a house and won praise on the London stage.

"I work here all the time. I'm doing a film here now. This is my seventh project that I've done. I was here in the spring doing a play. I was here just this past fall doing a film. And finally I thought, well I should just get a place because I'm here the whole time," Paltrow says.

She keeps a residence in New York, too. But in a deeper sense, aside from homes and cities, Paltrow says she's in a good place right now.

"I think I'm very happy. I have a complicated and interesting and beautiful life, and some aspects of it are difficult. I think that the beauty of it is that I've sort of come to a place where I really feel like I know myself. I understand myself. And I'm comfortable with who I am. So yeah, I feel very happy."

And clearly having a lot of fun, too.

Some Facts About Gwyneth Paltrow

  • Gwyneth Paltrow was born on Sept. 28, 1972, in Los Angeles.
  • She is the daughter of film director, the late Bruce Paltrow, and Tony Award-winning actress Blythe Danner.
  • Paltrow attended Spence School in New York City; later, she attended the University of California, majoring in art history, but quit to begin a career in acting
  • In 1991, Paltrow worked with her mother in the Williamstown Theatre Festival's "Picnic."
  • She made her film debut in "Shout," with John Travolta, in 1991
  • Paltrow was once engaged to "Se7en" co-star Brad Pitt, but they separated in 1997
  • In 1998, Paltrow won an Academy Award for her performance in "Shakespeare in Love"