Pack Smart: Roll Your Clothes

Trying to cram a week's worth of clothes into a standard-size carry-on suitcase? Good luck with that. At best you'll end up with wrinkles everywhere. At worst, you'll burst the seams from overstuffing the bag.

Over at The New York Times, 10 Days in a Carry-On demonstrates how flight attendant Heather Poole manages to pack enough stuff for a 10-day trip. The big secret? Rolling up your clothes:

Why does rolling work better than the usual flatten-and-stuff method? For one thing, it helps minimize wrinkles by keeping the material from getting crushed. Plus, rolled garments make better use of space.

Make sure to click through to the last few slides in the series, which show how Poole packs for shorter trips and manages to keep dress clothes wrinkle-free.

Pretty ingenious, if you ask me. I can't wait for my next trip so I can give this a try. Just wish I could figure out how to wear two pairs of shoes at once; the dang things take up so much space!

What about you? Are you already a clothes-roller? If not, what's your preferred method for packing a lot of stuff into a small bag? Photo by David Ahntholz for The New York Times.
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