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Owner of overweight pig faces animal cruelty charges

Overfed pig rescued
Overfed pig rescued 01:50

DEDHAM, Mass. -- When Maybelle the potbellied pig went to the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL), she weighed 196 pounds -- almost double what she should weigh, CBS Boston reports. She couldn't stand up, and mounds of flesh covered her eyes.

"It's not healthy," said ARL Law Enforcement Officer Darleen Wood, "it's not healthy for an animal to be malnourished, nor is it good to be obese, even a pig."

Billerica Animal Control officers took the pig from Megan Caterino's home -- the third pig to be taken out of the residence, according to the ARL. But Maybelle was so overweight, they had to use a backboard to carry her out.

Now, she's at the ARL farm in Dedham, and on a steady diet.

"Pigs are very smart," says Anna Chaletzky of the ARL, "and they can get depressed if they can't move about like they should. So we have her on a strict diet, and we're giving her a lot of attention."

Even with gentle prodding, and the enticement of an apple, Maybelle can hardly stand. When officer Wood tried to get her on her feet, the pig got angry, snorted and tried to roll over.

It'll take months, but they plan to get her down to her ideal weight, then find her a home.

Caterino is now facing animal cruelty charges.

Maybelle the potbellied pig weighed nearly double what she should weigh when she went to the Animal Rescue League of Boston. CBS Boston
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