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Overcome Your Limits! Monday Motivation

If you're seeking success is Sales (or anything else), the dumbest thing you can do is blame your failures and setbacks on things outside your control. The world is as it is. The economy is what it is. Your IQ and your background are what they are. That's the hand you were dealt; now you've got to play it as well as you can. Don't believe me? Check out this video, then please vote the poll that follows:

Now here's the poll. Please don't vote unless you are actually and publicly willing to make a commitment to follow through.

Why did I post this video and poll? I've decided to start each Monday with something inspirational to positive tone for the rest of your week. Sometimes it will be a video, other times some quotes, or maybe an instructive story.

Don't worry... there's plenty of time later today and the rest of the week to get into sales techniques and specific ideas. In fact, I've already queued up a couple of posts that will show you how to keep your customers enthralled when you're telling your sales story, so stay tuned.

READERS: Are you on board with this "Monday Motivation" idea? Rewatching the video above really did get me pumped up, and I'm hoping it's going to do the same for you.

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