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New "Orphan Black" season 3 teaser: "I am not your property"

"Orphan Black" will return for its third season in April, but in the meantime members of the #CloneClub will get glimpses at what's to come in a series of new teasers.

The first teaser, which debuted Tuesday on the series' Instagram page, shows Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) being questioned by one of the male clones from Project Castor.

"What is the wild one doing with Dyad?" he asks.

But has Sarah really gone over to the dark side? We think not. The clip ends with our favorite clone facing the camera straight-on, declaring, "I'm not your property."

"Orphan Black" will debut three more teasers for the new season in the coming days. Like this one, they'll all be posted on Instagram.

Season 3 premieres April 18 on BBC America.

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