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Oprah urges Texas governor to "take a pause" on Rodney Reed death row case

Oprah to Texas governor: "Pause" on Rodney Reed
Oprah urges Texas governor to "take a pause" and look at Rodney Reed death row case 02:05

Oprah Winfrey is speaking out about the Rodney Reed death row case in Texas, urging Governor Greg Abbott to "take a pause" on the execution scheduled for November 20. In addition to celebrities and lawmakers calling for the conviction to be overturned, more than 2 million people have signed a "Free Rodney Reed" petition online.  

"That's 2 million voices saying, 'Listen to us. Something's off here. Something needs to be done.' So governor, if you're watching, hello. I think this is — this is a sign you're supposed to at least not execute but look at it," Winfrey said Thursday on "CBS This Morning."

Reed was convicted of raping and killing 19-year-old Stacey Stites back in 1996. Reed said they were in a consensual relationship and maintains his innocence. Meanwhile, Stites' fiancé allegedly confessed to another inmate when in prison for an unrelated crime, but retracted the confession.

Winfrey also commented on her recent $13 million donation to Morehouse College, which put her total donation for her scholarship fund at $25 million. She said she was at a ceremony honoring her with an unveiling of a portrait, "not intending to give any money."

Oprah Winfrey says $13 million Morehouse College donation was "totally spontaneous" 04:03

"It was totally spontaneous because the Oprah scholars, who I helped give scholarships to over the years, these young men gave such an incredible presentation at lunch," Winfrey said. "You know what moved me is these guys all had gone out and gotten suits for themselves, you know, because students usually don't have it. So they were dressed up in their suits and they brought roses. And because they did that, I was so impressed with that." 

Winfrey was on "CBS This Morning" Thursday to reveal her latest book club pick, "Olive, Again."

Oprah Winfrey reveals book club pick: "Olive, Again" 05:24
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