Only 56 Shopping Days Left...

56 DAYS UNTIL ELECTION DAY, that is....and today is primary day in 9 states (Arizona, Delware, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin) and Washington, DC. We hear so often that people are sick and tired of partisan politics and bickering, and it seems like the election coming up in November is turning out to be a chance for people to send that message to Washington. One race in particular today is a great example of that: in an ironic twist, incumbent Republican Senator, Lincoln Chafee from Rhode Island (who didnt even vote for President Bush in 2004) is the Republican party's only hope to keep his Senate seat in GOP hands. It's an extremely tight race there, and we're watching to see whether voters in Rhode Island will again put their faith in Chafee - or whether they'll take this chance to send a message that they want a change.

Stay tuned!

Molly Levinson
Political Director
CBS News