Online survey: Baby boomers want love, sex in 2012


(CBS) - New Year's Eve is almost upon us, so when the ball drops what will you wish for?Well, if you're single and over 50, you are probably are in search of love, according to, one the largest online dating sites for singles over 50.

Nearly 60 percent of single Baby Boomers put "finding love" at the top of their New Year's resolutions list for 2012, and more than half rank it as their No. 1 priority in the New Year.

While toning up, trimming excess spending or kicking that nasty tobacco habit still make the list, finding a mate trumps them all in this demographic.

Not all singles over 50 want a fling, however - 56 percent of those surveyed said it's about "finding companionship."

But just to be clear, sex isn't out of the equation - 33 percent say they want to date more, and nearly 30 percent want to have more sex.

So what are 50-plus singles to do to bring these New Year's resolutions to fruition? According to's relationship expert, Dr. Gail Saltz, take the reigns and start going after what you want and be assertive!

Bottom line, it's not hopeless to find love later in life. So, whatever reasons or circumstances that prevented you or someone you know from finding and or keeping love, just might be the solution.