One-hit puncher? Pacquiao scores top 10 single

Manny Pacquiao sings "Sometimes When We Touch" (Dan Hill) on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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In late 2009, Manny Pacquiao brought the crowd to its feet with a knockout performance.

But it wasn't in the boxing ring - it was in the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" studio as he performed the ballad "Sometimes When We Touch."

Now, less than two years later, Pacquiao's version of the song (originally performed by Dan Hill) has cracked the top 10 of the U.S. charts, according to Friday Morning Quarterback Report, which monitors smaller radio markets. The trade publication says the song reached No. 7 in the secondary adult contemporary rankings on Wednesday.

According to the Wall Street Journal's Daily Fix, Hill saw Pacquiao's "Jimmy Kimmel" performance and contacted the champion boxer and Filipino Congressman. They met last June in New York and agreed to make a record, video and documentary. Last fall, the boxer recorded the song at Capital Studios - and the rest is history.

Singing is more than a hobby for Pacquiao who has been so dominant in boxing that he seems to be bored and looking for other outlets. When he's not destroying his opponents in the ring, he is crusading against condoms in the Philippines or crooning on stage.

In fact, according to the Daily Fix, after the boxer easily defeated Shane Mosely in May to retain his WBO welterweight title in Las Vegas, he didn't celebrate the victory at a high-end casino - he gave a concert off the Strip, belting out another tender ballad: "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You."

  • Stephen Smith

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