One Direction's Liam Payne apologizes for pic over high-rise ledge

Liam Payne attends the world premiere of "The Class of 92" on Dec. 1, 2013, in London.
Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

One Direction member Liam Payne says he is sorry for "stupid and irresponsible" actions after he was photographed standing on a building ledge 34 stories above the ground.


Liam Payne poses in a controversial photo taken by a friend on the ledge of a building 34 stories above ground.
 A photo published Wednesday in British tabloid the Sun shows the boy-band singer standing on the ledge of a high-rise with a city that appears to be London behind him. The photo was also posted on a Twitter account belonging to one of Payne's friends, but has since been removed.

The 20-year-old said in a statement that "I regret being there and having a photo taken. It was a stupid and irresponsible thing to do."

Payne also apologized on Tuesday night in two Twitter posts to his fans:


He urged fans not to imitate his "extremely dangerous" behavior.

One Direction emerged from Simon Cowell's British TV series "The X Factor" in 2010 and became one of the world's top-selling groups, with three albums topping U.S. music charts.