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On The Way To Iceberg Alley

LABRADOR SEA, OFF THE COAST OF GREENLAND – I've mentioned the over-eating tendency onboard, and along with that comes the oversleeping. (Or maybe it's just catching up from years of lost sleep.) I'm not convinced the excess food and slumber are related, but I am certain that all of us have slept longer and more soundly than we have in a long time. Perhaps it's detoxing from the pace of New York, perhaps it's the consistently gentle rocking of the ship, perhaps it's the cocoon-like feeling while lying in our darkened bunks. In any case, we all agree it's undeniable and nearly impossible to resist. (Not that that's a bad thing.)

We stopped for several hours today while the scientists conducted their research, gathered samples and lowered the rosette and other instruments. It's a clearer day, and we seem to have dodged any inclement weather in the immediate area but there's apparently still a possibility of rough waters ahead.

It's Sunday, so that means the crew wears their whites and everyone dresses up a little for supper. In fact, our intrepid producer Chloe Arensberg has been invited to the captain's dining room tonight, which seats about eight to ten people in a formal setting. I'm sure she'll blog about it later! (Read Chloe's blog entries here.>)

Our cameraperson Mark LaGanga and I assume they're going alphabetical down the list of passengers ... hmmmmm.

We're hoping to get up in the Coast Guard helicopter in the next day or so and tag along with the ice observer. At some point the Coast Guard has also offered to take us out on the water to get good video of "iceberg alley" up close. Plus a couple of other surprises.

Plenty of adventure ahead – provided I'm not sleeping.

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