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Olsen Twins On A Roll

On the heels of being named two of People magazine's most 50 Most Beautiful People, Hollywood got two stars for the price of one as 17-year-old twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen shared a new marker on the Walk of Fame.

The event was timed to promote their new film, "New York Minute," which opens in theaters on May 7. The star recognizes their contribution to television.

Starting as 9-month-old infants, they played the character of Michelle Tanner on ABC's "Full House" sitcom, a role they shared for nine years before branching off into home video work, where they played separate characters.

Home video sales and product sponsorships ranging from a fashion line to toothpaste have made the "Mary-Kate and Ashley" brand a billion-dollar enterprise through their company, Dualstar Entertainment. Each twin is estimated to be worth more than $150 million.

"We just want to thank everyone so much," Mary-Kate told the screaming crowd on Thursday.

Ashley added: "We want to thank our family and our friends and everyone at Dualstar, every cast member we've worked with through the years and most especially our fans."

"It's a great honor," they said simultaneously.

They hugged and held hands while posing by the star, which rests in front of the Hollywood & Highland mall complex on Hollywood Boulevard.

Mary-Kate wore a slinky, silky purple dress and had darker hair with blond highlights, while Ashley was in a more formal, glittery white dress and had platinum blond hair.

They will host the season finale of NBC's "Saturday Night Live" on May 15.

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