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Oklahoma Wal-Mart manager, daughter arrested in $75,000 heist

BRISTOW, Okla. - A Wal-Mart manager in Bristow, Okla. and his daughter have been arrested in the investigation of a theft in which a man disguised as an armored truck driver walked out of the store with more than $75,000.

Con man steals $75,000 from Walmart

Bristow police detective Kevin Webster says the father and daughter were taken into custody on Wednesday but wouldn't say how they are believed to be connected to the heist. No charges have been filed.

Police say a man entered the Bristow Wal-Mart on Saturday dressed similarly to a Loomis armored vehicle driver. They say he walked to the cash office, signed for the money and strolled out of the store. Employees called police when the real Loomis employee arrived about 45 minutes later.

CBS affiliate KWTV reports authorities have identified the two taken into custody as Rico Robertson and his 21-year-old stepdaughter, Mariah Bustamante. The station reports police are still searching for the man who posed as the armored transport employee.

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