Oklahoma Executes Seventh

anti death penalty protesters in oklahoma
Oklahoma Tuesday conducted its seventh execution this month.

Loyd Winford Lafevers, 35, was executed for the 1985 murder of 84-year-old Addie Hawley in Oklahoma City. She was kidnapped from her home, placed in a car trunk and taken to a remote area where she was raped, beaten and burned.

Earlier this month:

  • Wanda Jean Allen was put to death on Jan. 11 for the 1988 murder of her lesbian lover.
  • Eddie Leroy Trice, convicted of raping, beating to death, and robbing an 84-year-old woman in 1987, died Jan. 9.
  • Floyd Allen Medlock was executed Jan. 16 for stabbing a 7-year-old to death and dumping her body in a trash bin in 1990.
  • Dion Smallwood went to the death chamber on Jan. 18 for beating a 68-year-old woman with a croquet mallet, then burning her alive, in 1992.
  • On Jan. 23, Mark Andrew Fowler, 35, was put to death for a 1985 triple murder.
  • Fowler's partner in that crime, Billy Ray Fox, 35, died by lethal injection on Jan. 25.
The state originally had eight scheduled in January, which would have set a state record and tied the record held by Texas, which put eight people to death in both May and June of 1997.

Robert William Clayton, 39, convicted of killing 19-year-old Rhonda Kay Timmons in 1985, was to die Jan. 4. He received a 30-day stay when a misplaced bloody sock, overalls and knife that will be tested for DNA were finally found in the prosecutor's office, just 24 hours before he was to be executed.

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