Ohio State's Urban Meyer talks football and career in new book

The Ohio State Buckeyes are holding onto their number one ranking after crushing Rutgers Saturday, marking head coach Urban Meyer's 150th career victory.

In the last decade, Meyer brought home three college titles. Last year, he and his team captured the national championship and are now on a 21-game winning streak.

In his new book, "Above the Line: Lessons in Leadership and Life from a Championship Season," the star coach discusses his career and important lessons he learned along the way.

"Above the line is with purpose, it's intentional, it's taught," Meyer told "CBS This Morning" Monday. "Below the line is impulsive, autopilot - whether it's how you handle your relationships, your work every day, as a college athlete you better be disciplined about living your life and doing the right things."

Before coaching Ohio State, Meyer took some time off the field to reflect on his leadership skills, studying individuals he viewed as the great leaders, including Steve Jobs, Mack Brown and Brian Kelly.

"I think one of the great things I found in my journey is the alignment of the program all the way through top to bottom," Meyer told "CBS This Morning" Monday. "This is the best group, as good a group of people that I've ever been around - not just the players but the coaches, support staff - and that's why I think we're doing what we're doing right now."

The coach also commented on the growing concern about the safety of football. Last Friday, another high school athlete died after suffering a head injury, and new safety guidelines are underway. As a parent of a high school football player himself, Meyer said he understood the concerns, but also said "it's the safest the game has ever been."

"Well the positive part is, we've taken the head completely out of the game of football. If you watch closely the penalties, the way we teach tackling in Ohio State, it's the safest it's ever been and there are going to be accidents," he said. "The games going to continue to change in a positive way."