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​Officials close Ohio high school after finding bed bugs

ALLIANCE, Ohio -- A northeastern Ohio high school is closed after officials say they found four bed bugs in the building.

Jeffery Talbert, superintendent of Alliance City Schools, said the decision to close the school Thursday was a precautionary measure to put people at ease.

The Review reports a Canton pest control company has treated the school twice in the past week. Talbert says the situation is not considered an infestation and says there's no sign of the bugs in other district buildings.

Classes are set to resume Friday. Bed bugs are parasites that prefer warm areas including bedrooms and feed on blood. Their bites can cause itching and welts.

More than one Ohio metropolis last year made the top 15 bed bug cities in the United States. They are:

  1. Detroit, Mich. (previously 4)
  2. Philadelphia, Pa. (previously 1)
  3. Cleveland-Akron, Ohio (previously 15)
  4. Los Angeles, Calif. (previously 14)
  5. Dayton, Ohio (previously not ranked)
  6. Chicago, Ill. (previously 5)
  7. Columbus, Ohio (previously 8)
  8. Cincinnati, Ohio (previously 2)
  9. Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas (previously 7)
  10. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Calif. (previously not ranked)
  11. Denver, Colo. (previously 12)
  12. Toledo, Ohio (previously not ranked)
  13. Oklahoma City, OK (previously not ranked)
  14. Baltimore, Md. (previously 9)
  15. New York, N.Y. (previously 3)
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