Office Nut Cases: A Field Guide

Last Updated Aug 25, 2011 9:47 PM EDT

If you've been around an office for any time at all, you've run into one of those certifiable nut cases who makes you (and everyone around you) miserable. Not to worry. Identifying a nut case is half the battle, because then you can avoid, ignore or neutralize. Knowledge truly is power.

To help you spot these workplace whack jobs, the brilliant and charming Sylvia Lafair has written a book, "Don't Bring It To Work; Breaking the Family Patterns that Limit Success." In it, she shows you how to identify and deal with the most common offenders. She calls them "behavior patterns" rather than "nut cases" and has all sorts of good advice for dealing with them.

But I call 'em nut cases, and this post describes the 13 types that Lafair says are most common in the workaday world. This is information no serious professional (sales or otherwise) should be without. Click on the link below to learn about...

The first nut case: THE SUPER ACHIEVER »