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O'Donnell accuses CNN's Piers Morgan of "borderline sexual harassment"

Christine O'Donnell, "I am not a witch"
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Former Delaware Senate candidate and conservative darling Christine O'Donnell accused CNN host Piers Morgan of "borderline sexual harassment" for asking about her views on gay marriage as she promoted a book in which she wrote about gay marriage.

O'Donnell told NBC's Today Show on Friday that she ended the CNN interview before it was over because she wanted to stop the "borderline sexual harassment that was going on."

"Imagine if Bill Clinton were there," O'Donnell said. "Would he ask him, 'Do you still hang out with Monica Lewinsky? C'mon, we talked about it in the '90s, c'mon, do you still have that fascination with cigars, Bill?'"

She said she was treated unfairly and did not even want to do the interview with CNN originally but chose to do it to promote her new book "TroubleMaker."

O'Donnell made waves earlier this week when one of her handlers stood in front of the camera while Morgan was interviewing her on Wednesday, abruptly ending the conversation.

The former candidate caused a stir last year when she ran a television ad declaring she is "not a witch," which followed a tape comedian Bill Maher revealed from the 1990s in which she said she "dabbled into witchcraft" on his former show. O'Donnell has since admitted she regrets making the infamous ad.

In the Wednesday appearance on CNN, Morgan asked O'Donnell why she was being "so weird about this."

"I'm not being weird, you're being a little rude," O'Donnell replied before walking off the set.

In the NBC interview, O'Donnell said the reason the CNN interview was cut short was because she had to leave to go to another event and

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