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"Occupy" arrests in Ill., Ohio, Calif., Pa.

Anti-Wall Street demonstrators of the Occupy Chicago movement stood their ground in a downtown park in noisy but peaceful defiance of police orders to clear out, prompting 130 arrests early Sunday, authorities said.

Occupy Chicago spokesman Joshua Kaunert vowed after the arrests that protests would continue in the Midwest city.

"We're not going anywhere. There are still plenty of us," Kaunert told The Associated Press after the arrests, which took police more than an hour to complete.

Chicago police said Sunday morning that 130 arrests had been made. Kaunert said none of those arrested had resisted.

"Everybody was very peaceful and smiling and there was no violence, though a lot of chanting," he said.

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Police began taking people into custody just before 1 a.m. Sunday. Those arrested were led in groups to vans and two large white buses as others clamored to be arrested.

"Take me next! Take me next!" some shouted as police began the arrests. Others chanted as they were led away: "We'll be back!"

Some said earlier that arrests only signal the importance of the Occupy movement.

"This movement will not be a serious movement until we take a stand, and getting arrested is just one way of taking a stand," said Max Farrar, 20, a junior political science major at DePaul University, speaking Saturday to a reporter.

Occupy Wall Street began a month ago in New York among a few young people, and has grown to tens of thousands around the U.S. and the world.

Elsewhere in the U.S., police arrested Occupy protesters in Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Santa Ana, Calif.

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In Chicago about 1,500 people gathered for the protest that began Saturday. Demonstrators descended on the city park with hopes of making it the movement's permanent home. The group had started in Chicago's financial district before marching to the park.

Along the way, marchers chanted "Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!" and held signs that read "Greed Sucks" and "No War But The Class War" while police on horses blocked them from walking on the street on Michigan Avenue, leaving them with just the sidewalks to occupy.

"People are angry, they're hungry, they're homeless," protester Chris Skowronski told CBS Station WBBM. "I still have a job. I have a home, but I can see the anger in the streets. I'm afraid this is going to turn into Greece or all these other countries. People have had it!"

"This is going to affect us when we get older," Ciara Braese told WBBM Correspondent Suzanne Le Mignot.

When asked what will be affected, Braesa replied, "'The economy, how it is now and as we get older, if the economy stays this way, I don't think we'll have jobs and ways for us to make a living."

Many also talked about the importance of healthcare.

Protester Yvonne Wells said she pays $1,100-$1,300 every month for COBRA insurance because of a pre-existing condition. "We need healthcare for everyone," she told WBBM.

The movement also spread to suburban Naperville, Ill.

"We got to let the politicians know, this is the mood of the entire country, not just a few people congregating in Washington," said protester Steve Alesch.

Officers had begun placing metal barricades around the area of Chicago's Grant Park known as Congress Plaza about 11:10 p.m. Saturday, minutes after the park had closed. Afterward, police then went through the crowd and warned people to leave or risk arrest for remaining in the closed park in violation of a city ordinance.

Several of the protesters who stayed inside the barricades in the park sat on the ground. Others locked arms as police circled and then began arresting people.

In other "Occupy" developments:

Philadelphia: Police arrested 15 protesters who camped out in the middle of the street across from police headquarters overnight. Deputy Commissioner William Blackburn says a group had marched Saturday from the Occupy Philadelphia encampment outside City Hall to police headquarters to protest alleged police brutality across the nation.

Protesters say the group gathered on the sidewalk across the street, and after several hours police closed the road and asked them to move. Police say about 20 to 30 people moved into the middle of the

blocked-off street and remained there until about noon Sunday, ignoring requests to disperse. Blackburn said police then arrested 15 people on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a highway. A few dozen protesters remained on the sidewalk in the area.

Cincinnati: Police say 11 Occupy Cincinnati protesters were arrested early Sunday after refusing to leave a downtown square. Capt. Doug Wiesman tells The Associated Press that the 11 remained in Fountain Square after the 3 a.m. closing time. He says they were "straightforward arrests; no problems." Each was charged with criminal trespass and taken to jail at Hamilton County Justice Center.

Protester Aaron Roco tells the AP that about 30 other protesters who remained on a sidewalk just outside the square during the police action weren't arrested.

Sunday's action came after 23 protesters camping after closing hours at nearby Piatt Park were arrested last week.

Santa Ana, Calif.: Four members of the Occupy Orange County protest were arrested in Santa Ana after refusing to take down their tents and leave when their permit expired. Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna says the arrests occurred early Sunday at the Santa Ana Civic Center. Authorities had warned organizers that demonstrators could not stay in the area after dark.

One of the men, Sam Aresheh, told the Orange County Register that his right to peacefully assemble under the First Amendment should supersede the city's laws against camping.

Bertagna says about 120 people protested peacefully Saturday.

Demonstrators have been issued a permit to gather from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday.

Albany, N.Y.: Protesters inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement are camping out in a tent city in a park across from the state Capitol. Police kept watch but allowed protesters to remain overnight Friday and Saturday despite the 11 p.m. park curfew. There were about 30 tents in Academy Park on Sunday, and 23-year-old Chris Scully of Troy told the Albany Times-Union the demonstration would go on "until everything is better."

Raising taxes for millionaires is one item on the demonstrators' wish list, which also includes ending U.S. wars abroad, curbing greed and the influence of Wall Street and guaranteeing rights for gay people.

Sharonville, Ohio: Thirty-five protesters chanted "Where are the jobs, John Kasich?" and "Stop the war on workers," outside of a rally being held by the Ohio governor on Saturday. Kasich told his supporters that the state's contested collective bargaining law would make the state more appealing to business.

Opponents have placed a measure on the November ballot seeking to overturn the law, which limits the bargaining abilities of 350,000 teachers, nurses, firefighters, police and other public workers around the state.

Some of the protesters told the Cincinnati Enquirer that they came straight from jail after being arrested in the Occupy Cincinnati protests.

Miami, Fla.: Occupy Wall Street protesters have merged with environmental groups to rally outside a Miami convention. Police estimate nearly 100 protesters were outside the Society of Environmental Journalists Convention on Saturday.

The Occupy Miami group is protesting corporate influence and set up camp last weekend outside the Miami-Dade Government Center. After the environmental rally, dozens of the Occupy ralliers marched back to the government center.

Orlando, Fla.: Police arrested 19 Occupy protesters for trespassing in a city park after hours on Saturday.

"Occupy" protests abroad:

Sydney: Forty people were arrested after police and riot squad officers raided an Occupy Sydney protest site just before dawn on Sunday, local media quoted New South Wales police as saying.

Police cleared around 100 protesters from Martin Place in Sydney's Central Business District, local media reported.

The raid started while the protesters were sleeping, having camped out there for more than eight days. The members of the protest group who were not arrested were brought to a nearby park.

Protesters claimed they had little warning before police came and used excessive force to make them move, but police deny the accusation. "Some people had their arms back behind their backs. I make no apology for that, absolutely none," said Assistant Commissioner, Mark Murdoch at a press conference.

The accusation of violence comes after Australian police arrested 95 people during clashes with protesters of the Occupy Melbourne demonstration in Australia on Friday.

Toronto: Hundreds of protesters took the Occupy Toronto movement to the streets, marching to city hall. The protesters have occupied a downtown park for one week now.

New Democrat MP Olivia Chow joined the protesters, saying those in power should listen more carefully to their message.