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Occupy arrests in D.C., Ore., Tenn.

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WASHINGTON - Police in Washington have arrested more than 30 Occupy D.C. protesters who refused to dismantle an unfinished wooden structure they built in a park overnight.

Police on Sunday morning gave protesters an hour to disassemble the structure and started making arrests when the demonstrators did not comply. After an hours-long standoff, more of the anti-Wall Street protesters inside the structure were arrested.

Police say 31 people have been arrested and the structure has been dismantled.

Police remain at the encampment, which is one of dozens that emerged in Occupy Wall Street protests across the U.S.

Local authorities around the U.S. have sent in police to remove encampments set up by supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement protesting economic injustice and corporate greed.

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In other "Occupy" developments:

Nashville, Tenn.: Police arrested four Occupy Nashville protesters and briefly detained a journalist who was trying to cover their activities. The protesters were cited for disorderly conduct because police said they refused to leave the middle of the road and protest on the sidewalk, according to The Tennessean.

Matthew Hamill, who hosts This Occupied Life on 107.1 WRFN-LPFM, Radio Free Nashville, told the newspaper that he was rounded up while videotaping the protesters, but was released about 30 minutes later without being charged.

He is the third journalist to be detained while covering the activities of Occupy Nashville protesters.

Portland, Ore.: Police and protesters came face-to-face late Saturday night, when city officials shut down a downtown park early after Occupy Portland protesters confronted park workers, CBS Affiliate KOIN reports. The order came after demonstrators set up tents in an area and vowed to stay through the winter.

Several anti-Wall Street protesters were arrested after they refused to leave.

The Portland protesters had been without an encampment since police swept through a downtown site three weeks ago.

Portland Police Sergeant Pete Simpson said that authorities will decide whether to evict demonstrators based on what's going on at the park and the available police resources.

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