Obama says no to new taxes, yes to ending Boy Scouts' gay ban

CBS News' Scott Pelley interviews President Barack Obama ahead of Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, February 3, 2012
CBS News

(CBS News) President Barack Obama told CBS News in an interview broadcast live before the Super Bowl that he sees no need for more increases in tax rates.


The president signed a bill raising rates on higher-income Americans last month, but this is the first time he's said that he doesn't intend to extend higher rates to more taxpayers. It's a change from the position he's held for many months.

Watch: Obama says Boy Scouts should be open to gays, at left.


Obama: "Yes," Boy Scouts should allow gay members
Obama: "No doubt" more revenue still needed

Watch: Scott Pelley's full interview with President Barack Obama, at left.

Obama also made news with his opinion on the Boy Scouts. The National Board of the Boy Scouts of America may decide this week whether to end its long-standing ban on gays in scouting.

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