Obama, Romney 2nd debate highlights: Memorable moments in high-stakes showdown

(CBS News) President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney hit each other early and often in their second debate Wednesday night.

In a CBS News poll, 37 percent of uncommitted voters who watched the debate said the president won, while 30 percent said Romney won, and 33 percent called it a tie.

Poll: Obama edges Romney in second debate
Obama, Romney spar in contentious second debate

In the same poll, nearly two-thirds said Romney would do a better job with the economy, while more than half said the president would do more for the middle class.

It was a combustible mix: the president had a lot to prove, while Romney was fighting to maintain his momentum. And the town hall format enabled the candidates to walk right into each other's personal space to make their point.

From foreign policy and the economy to energy and women's issues, watch Nancy Cordes' report in the video above with some of the most memorable moments of the night's debate.