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Obama campaign makes first, "tiny" ad buy

President Barack Obama speaks to supporters during a campaign fundraiser at Navy Pier April 14, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. Scott Olson/Getty Images

The Obama campaign has made its first ad buy, albeit a "tiny" one.

A senior Obama 2012 campaign aide says the buy is intended more as a test to see if people will sign up with the campaign than as a full-blown television spot.

Two different ads, part of the same ad buy, will air nationally on satellite.

The ads are after the jump.

First ad:

I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message. I need you to do me a favor - it'll only take a minute. The 2012 campaign is underway, and the outcome will depend not on what I do, but on what you do. Starting right now, call the number on your screen or visit to help build our campaign in your community. It's up to you to fight for the values we all share. Don't sit this one out.

Watch the ad.

Second ad:

It starts with one person making a decision -- that things need to change, and they're going to help change them. That person finds another person who shares their values. They go out and find a few more -- and before long, neighborhoods come together. Communities organize. A movement builds. It all starts with you, making a decision to get involved -- because we've got so much more to do. Call the number on your screen or visit to let me know you're in.

Watch the ad.