Number of L.A. arson fires up to 41

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Firefighters and emergency crews had a very busy New Year's Eve as relentless arson fires continued, with at least six more in or around the West Hollywood and Hollywood areas.

The fires started in cars - similar to dozens of fires set on Friday and earlier Saturday, bringing the total number of fires now linked to arson at 41.

A $60,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible.

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Cops race to stop Hollywood-area arson car fires

"Flames were on the hood of the car and it started catching onto the building," witness Rod Smith, who drove by at the time a fire started on Fountain Avenue near Mansfield Avenue Saturday evening, told CBS Station KCBS.

Arson investigators arrived on the scene in time to collect evidence, including a pair of black gloves that were found under the front of a car.

Moments later - and just one block away - neighbors said a glow come from underneath another car in a carport.

"They're looking at each one of these individually and then they are looking at them as a whole, as an umbrella to see how they all relate," Capt. Jaime Moore of L.A. City Fire said.

Although Moore would not confirm it, the common cause of the fires may be a device placed underneath the car.

"Our arson investigators are doing everything to canvas these fire scenes and take anything that looks suspicious away with them," Moore added.

KCBS correspondent Edward Lawrence said that police have already questioned three people about the arson attacks but no arrests have been made.

Elsewhere in Glendale, two fires were reported within minutes of each other. It's unclear if these fires are at all related to the arson attacks.