NSA leaks prompt government to scour agencies for source

CBS News senior correspondent John Miller
CBS News senior correspondent John Miller
CBS News

(CBS News) Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was angry about the leaks of the National Security Agency's phone surveillance program; the latest leaks are going to make him angrier.

There will be a referral to the Department of Justice, but in the meantime, the NSA will do an internal investigation to figure out who had the documents, who downloaded them and who printed them.

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The Justice Department will review the criminal referral to find if it meets certain criteria and will send it across the street to the FBI, whose counterintelligence division will open a criminal case and start to question people.

The investigation will be uncomfortable. FBI agents are going to go to the NSA and other agencies that had access to the documents, and they're going to be interviewing people about the handling of the information.

They'll talk to people about whether they have spoken to the press, and that will lead to people being polygraphed or put under oath.

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    John Miller

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