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Now more Google searches on mobile than computers

For the first time, the number of Google searches performed on mobile devices has surpassed the number of searches done on personal computers in the U.S.

The search giant announced Tuesday that more than half of the billions of search requests it processes each day are now coming on the go -- here and well as in Japan and eight other unnamed countries.

Google sees 100 billion search queries each month, according to The Associated Press.

The milestone, while meaningful, might not come as a huge surprise, especially to Android users who know that wherever they are, the built-in search engine puts the answers to all their questions just an "OK, Google" away.

The company's emphasis on mobile searching seems to be working. In April, Google started "mobile-geddon" when it announced that it would start favoring mobile-friendly sites in search results on phones and tablets. The move stacks the deck for sites designed for smaller screens and undercuts others that may be just as -- or even more -- relevant and useful.

Google was not forthcoming with additional details about the search sea change, and it was unclear, for instance, whether "mobile" accounts for both smartphones and tablets, or just the former. (Our friends at CNET ventured it only means phones.)

"And even without knowing the other countries, the US and Japan are two of the biggest technology markets around the world. So their presence on the list alone accounts for a healthy chunk of mobile searches," CNET's Lance Whitney wrote.

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