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Nokia, Opera Side with Adobe on Flash

Nokia and Opera Software have taken sides in the Adobe/Apple battle over Flash multimedia support: They are in the Flash camp.


On Thursday executives from Nokia, the world's largest maker of cell phones, and Opera Software, the maker of a leading mobile browser, said they'd support the new Flash 10.1 software that is coming out. Opera's co-founder Jon von Tetzchner was quoted as saying "It is the only proprietary part of the Web we support".

Getting these two companies on board as well as Google's Android, which also supports the software, is a big win for Adobe in its battle against Apple. Last month Apple CEO Steve Jobs knocked the Adobe Flash multimedia software, which is used in most Web video and games, for being proprietary, sapping battery power, not supporting multitouch interfaces, posing security risks, and being unstable. "Flash is the No. 1 reason Macs crash," Jobs said in his open letter detailing the many reasons that Apple doesn't support the software.

Flash-based video and games are found on many Internet sites. And the technology is supported on most smartphones and mobile devices. But Apple does not allow Flash on any the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

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