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No buts about it, naked protestors hate fuel idea

A Thomson Airways flight from Birmingham, England has made history.

In flying the Boeing 757-200 on a 50% mixture of bio fuels derived from used cooking oil, the company etched its name into the records by becoming the first UK commercial bio fuels flight ever from a local airport. But three protesters from the Plane Stupid group weren't so enamored of the historical significance. They greeted the takeoff by stripping down to reveal body paint messages proclaiming "Thompson Biofuel: Bare faced cheek" and "Biofuels aren't green." (sic)

One of the protesters quoted by the local media said that "vast tracts of rainforest, eco-systems vital to halting climate change, are currently being trashed to make way for biofuel plantations. Land that grows food is being stolen from some of the world's poorest people so that it can start feeding planes. It's a disaster."

Several European carriers including Lufthansa, KLM and Finnair have launched their own bio fuel-powered flights, though this is believed to be the first time naked protesters have turned up to demonstrate their displeasure.

You can read the full story here and check out the, ahem, bare facts as reported by Britain's Daily Mail.

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