"Na-Na-Nanny, goodbye": Woman finally leaves couple's home

Diane Stretton, 64.

CBS Los Angeles

UPLAND, Calif. - The "Nightmare Nanny" has left the building.

CBS Los Angeles reports that Diane Stretton, the 64-year-old woman who refused to leave a couple's Upland, Calif., home after being fired as the live-in caretaker of their children, has finally moved out. This comes after almost two months of acrimonious dispute between Stretton and her former employers, Marcel and Ralph Bracamonte, who were unable to evict the nanny from their home.

According to the station, the Bracamontes said they fired Stretton for refusing to do her job, which involved taking care of their young children and light housekeeping.

Stretton said she had agreed to be given free room and board in exchange for her services. However, she said the Bracamontes kept making additional demands of her and she eventually quit in early June. The station reports the nanny said she was going to move out when she was good and ready.

When the Bracamontes tried to evict Stretton, a judge sided with the nanny. Shortly thereafter, the story went viral.

In late June, it was reported that Stretton had contacted the family's attorney to discuss terms of her possible departure.

Now, CBS Los Angeles reports that Stretton is finally out. She left a few personal items in the house but does not expect to go back and get them. It is unclear where the nanny is now living or if she is working.

The station reports there are no pending lawsuits from either party at this time.