Attorney for Calif. family says fired nanny negotiating exit

Diane Stretton, 64.

CBS Los Angeles

UPLAND, Calif. - Weeks after refusing to leave the home of a California couple who hired - and then fired - her, the so-called "Nightmare Nanny" may finally be preparing to move out, reports CBS Los Angeles.

The nanny, 64-year-old Diane Stretton, has agreed to vacate the Upland, Calif., house belonging to Ralph and Marcel Bracamonte, according to the station. Lawyer Marc Cohen, who represents the Bracamontes, said Stretton contacted him and offered to move out as long as certain conditions were met.

The family hired Stretton back in March through Craigslist, CBS Los Angeles reported last week. The couple told the station things went well for two months, but then their live-in nanny suddenly stopped working. They said Stretton's job included light house work and caring for the couple's three children in exchange for room and board, but the nanny allegedly stopped doing her job, citing an unspecified medical condition.

Stretton was fired on June 6, but refused to leave the Bracamontes' home, according to the station. The family called police, who told them Stretton was legally a tenant and would have to be evicted.

The Bracamontes said Stretton began to make them feel uncomfortable in their own house. They went to court and filled out a three-day quit notice in an attempt to extricate the 64-year-old from their premises, but the form wasn't correctly completed and a judge sided with Stretton.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the Bracamontes at one point tried locking their refrigerator in an attempt to get their ex-nanny to leave, but nothing worked. Last week, the story went viral.

Now, the station reports a deal may be in the works. The details of any potential pact between the two parties have not been released, and the Bracamontes told CBS Los Angeles they have not seen Stretton since Thursday. She has been spotted sleeping in her car outside the Upland Police Department the last few days. Most of her things, however, are still in the Bracamontes' home.

On Saturday, the nanny's attorney told "Good Morning America" that his client would be out of the house by July 4. The Bracamontes said that date wouldn't work, as they are supposed to be out of town.

Cohen told CBS Los Angeles on Sunday that he was negotiating terms with Stretton's representatives. An update on the situation is expected as early as Monday.