Next Stop: Africa

Survivor Africa, Logo, RKF, 010518
Pulau Tiga may have had the sweltering heat and creepy crawlies (not to mention Richard Hatch) and the Outback may have threatened with flooding rains and venomous snakes, but those locations for the previous episodes of Survivor are Club Med vacations compared with the home of this fall's Survivor: Africa.

Tigers, lemurs, charging elephants, weather that's a challenge in itself, dark jungles, the vast Serengeti - who knows where the action will go this time?

It's a whole new terrain, but the formula is the same: 16 strangers, two tribes, one Survivor, a million bucks - and executive producer Mark Burnett, who returns with this latest installment of his record-breaking phenomenon that pits the best against the best and often brings out the worst.

The show is to be filmed this summer in Africa, probably in Kenya. The reality TV show is being put on the CBS fall lineup in October.

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