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When is the next primary after New Hampshire? Here are the dates for upcoming 2024 Republican elections

Previewing Trump vs. Haley in New Hampshire
Previewing Trump vs. Haley with New Hampshire primary 1 day away 09:25

Washington — Voters in New Hampshire went to the polls on Tuesday to make their choice for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, casting their ballots in the first-in-the-nation primary and selecting former President Donald Trump over Nikki Haley.

The nominating process kicked off last week with the Iowa caucuses, where Trump soundly defeated both Haley and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. DeSantis dropped out of the race on Sunday and endorsed Trump, leaving Haley as the sole challenger to the GOP front-runner.

After New Hampshire, presidential candidates face a steady procession of primaries and caucuses leading up to the Republican National Convention in July, when the party's delegates will officially select their nominee. Here's what comes next after the Granite State:

What are the Republican primaries after New Hampshire?

After Trump's win became apparent in New Hampshire, Haley vowed to remain in the race. Assuming she does, the campaigns will shift their focus to the upcoming states, with South Carolina the next major prize.

Nevada and the Virgin Islands are technically the next contests on the calendar, but a quirk in Nevada's selection process and the small number of delegates at stake in the Virgin Islands lessens their impact. Nevada is holding dueling nominating contests: a state-run primary on Feb. 6, and party-run caucuses on Feb. 8. Delegates to the GOP convention will only be awarded based on the caucuses. Haley and Trump will also not be competing head-to-head: Haley is on the ballot for the primary but not the caucuses, and Trump is on the ballot in the caucuses but not the primary.

The next major showdown would therefore be on Feb. 24 in South Carolina, where Haley served as governor from 2011 to 2017. Despite voters' familiarity with Haley, the state's conservative primary electorate is expected to be highly favorable to Trump. Michigan will hold its primary three days later, on Feb. 27.

From there, the race goes national, with Super Tuesday on March 5. Trump is hoping to have the nomination locked up by then, when the largest number of states and U.S. territories hold their primaries and caucuses. Delegates will be up for grabs in Alabama, Alaska, American Samoa, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia.

The full 2024 Republican primary calendar

Jan. 15: Iowa caucuses

Jan. 23: New Hampshire primary

Feb. 6: Nevada primary (no delegates awarded)

Feb. 8: Nevada caucuses; Virgin Islands caucuses 

Feb. 24: South Carolina primary

Feb. 27: Michigan primary 

March 2: Idaho caucuses; Missouri caucuses; Michigan state convention (remaining delegates are awarded) 

March 3: Washington, D.C., primary 

March 4: North Dakota caucuses

March 5: Alabama primary; Alaska caucuses; American Samoa caucuses; Arkansas primary; California primary; Colorado primary; Maine primary; Massachusetts primary; Minnesota primary; North Carolina primary; Oklahoma primary; Tennessee primary; Texas primary; Utah caucuses; Vermont primary; Virginia primary

March 12: Georgia primary; Hawaii caucuses; Mississippi primary; Washington primary

March 15: Northern Mariana caucuses

March 16: Guam caucuses

March 19: Arizona primary; Florida primary; Illinois primary; Kansas primary; Ohio primary

March 23: Louisiana primary

April 2: Connecticut primary; Delaware primary; New York primary; Rhode Island primary; Wisconsin primary

April 20: Wyoming caucuses

April 21: Puerto Rico primary

April 23: Pennsylvania primary

May 7: Indiana primary

May 14: Maryland primary; Nebraska primary; West Virginia primary

May 21: Kentucky primary; Oregon primary

June 4: Montana primary; New Jersey primary; New Mexico primary; South Dakota primary

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