Newcomers To Workplaces: Babies

Coming back to work after having a baby is always difficult. But what if moms and even dads could take their newborns with them to the office, and work with them right at their sides?

CBS News Correspondent Trish Regan reports that more and more companies are trying out that new twist on day care.

Companies such as Lissette Calderon's. As CEO of a $40 million real estate development firm, Calderon doesn't like to compromise. And, when she gave birth to her daughter Mia five months ago, Calderon didn't want to choose between being a full-time executive and a full-time mom. Instead, she chose both.

"I love every moment of being a mom and I love every moment of being a CEO, and I wasn't willing to give up either one," Calderon exclaims.

Every morning, Calderon packs up her baby, and her briefcase, and takes them both to the office. She has a crib and changing station just feet from her desk. Between conference calls and closing deals, this working mom is rocking her baby to sleep.

How does she get her work done?

"Oh, you know what her nap times are, and there's a routine," Calderon explains. "But I'm a lot more comfortable knowing that she's two feet away than thinking she's in another house far away from me."

That, says Regan, is why Calderon says she doesn't feel guilty about working long hours. Still, fitting in mommy-time means making the most of every moment.

"Some people choose to go out and smoke a cigarette for 10 minutes. I choose to go and take a stroll for five minutes with her. I mean, I can stay here as long as I want because I have her here and I'm bonding with her."

And today's working mothers say bonding with their babies is a top priority, Regan notes. That's why so many of them drop out of the work force when they have kids.

In an effort to win them back, more and more companies are offering the best of both worlds, by allowing babies in the office.