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Mother who lost husband and son in New Zealand shooting says people with hate "will never be successful"

Mother lost husband & son in New Zealand
Mother lost her husband and son in New Zealand mosque attack says people with hate "will never be successful" 02:04

Christchurch, New Zealand — The first victims of last Friday's mosque attacks in New Zealand were buried Wednesday. Among them were two men who fled the civil war in Syria. One of the mosques is now being cleaned so Friday prayers can be held.

One worshiper, Ambreen Rashid, said she still has faith. But it would be more than understandable if she did cry: Her husband and son were both among the 50 killed.

"I have love in my heart. So I'm happy and contented. You can't see me crying," she said.

When a man began his hate-fueled rampage in Christchurch, Ambreen's son Talha was inside the Al Noor mosque, praying.

"Talha was a gem. He was such a kind, gentle person, always pretty helpful," Ambreen said.

Ambreen Rashid CBS News

Talha was 21, had just graduated from college and was working as an engineer.

"He will live forever because beautiful things never die," Ambreen said.

She also lost her husband of 22 years, Naeem, who reportedly tried to stop the gunman.

"He had a strong faith and he had love. So it made him so strong that he could confront a man with a weapon," Ambreen said.

She has found strength in something she saw at an ever growing memorial in Christchurch. There's a sign on the fence with just eight words: Birthplace: Earth; race: human; politics: freedom; religion: love.

"Those people with hate, they will never be successful. My son, my husband and all those people who gave up their lives, they have just brought all the humans together," Ambreen said.

Because to her, this is not a sea of pain. It is a rapidly rising tide of love.

Thousands attend memorials for New Zealand shooting victims 02:20
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