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New York man trapped in car for 10 hours after snowplow leaves him buried

Winter storm buries Northeast in snow
More than 70 million affected by winter storm with heavy snow in Northeast 04:58

Police rescued a 58-year-old man in upstate New York from his car on Thursday, after he was trapped for more than 10 hours during the worst snowstorm in years. 

Kevin Kresen, who hails from Candor, New York, repeatedly called 911 during this week's massive snowstorm after running his car off the road Wednesday night, according to a statement from New York State Police. However, law enforcement officials were initially unable to locate the vehicle as the storm raged overnight, dumping several feet of snow on the region. 

Zone Sergeant Jason Cawley was digging through snow to check the addresses of a series of mailboxes in the town of Owego when he hit the windshield of a car — and found Kresen inside. 

Sgt. Cawley found the windshield of Kevin Kresen's car while searching nearby mailboxes for addresses.  New York State Police

Kresen told police that a snowplow had buried his car under nearly 4 feet of snow — with him still stuck inside. He was ultimately stranded for more than 10 hours, with no heat due to his car's broken serpentine belt. 

Kresen was suffering from hypothermia and frostbite when officials rescued him. He was taken to Lourdes Hospital in nearby Binghamton for treatment. 

The region around Owego was one of the hardest hit by the storm, toppling records with over 40 inches of snow, according to local news reports.

Kevin Kresen was suffering from hypothermia and frostbite when officials rescued him. New York State Police

During its first snowstorm of the season, New York City saw more snowfall in one day than during all of last winter. 

Police in the state responded to more than 600 accidents following the storm, which left at least five people dead. In locations that saw 2 to 4 feet of snow, it's is expected to stick around through Christmas. 

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