New video gadgets

You're not tied to one PC any more! The 3Com® HomeConnect™ PC Digital Camera is easy to detach from its 9-foot Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector - no more fumbling behind your PC. Then pop it onto the USB cable on a different PC or laptop.
Adjusts automatically from bright to very dim light. See bright, clear images in conditions from full sunlight to hotel light to birthday candles.

When you travel on business, what's better than your kids' snapshots in your wallet? How about saying good-night to them--live--from your hotel room? When you can't visit grandpa across the country, what's better than a letter? Try video e-mail, featuring pictures created by his favorite young artists! With the HomeConnect PC Digital Camera, the Internet is more than a business tool or a big library -- it's a way to share smiles, even when you're kept apart by miles.

I've had the pleasure to see the astonishingly high quality new pc camera from 3Com that attaches to your serial port... very easy to install and use and provides amazingly sharp images at low cost in VERY LOW LIGHT. It auto-adjusts spectacularly... with simple software that makes it easy for folks at home to webcast right out of the box.