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New Tools For Spring Cleaners

If you welcome spring but not the springtime cleanup that goes along with it, you're not alone.

To help make some of these home-cleaning chores more tolerable, David Gregg, senior editor of Best Magazine, visits The Early Show with some new time-saving and labor-saving products.

Dirt Devil Cruiser Vacuum
One area of the house that really gets abused during the winter is the carpeting, especially if you have little ones and pets that don't wipe their feet. Dirt Devil has a new self-propelled, bagless vacuum with a HEPA filter that has retro styling and modern-day features. The aluminum design looks sharp and is also lightweight and durable. It comes with a six-year extended warranty. $199. Available at

Eureka Atlantis Steam Cleaner
Now that your rug is vacuumed, you need to get rid of the stains. You can call a professional steam-cleaning service or you can try the new Atlantis Steam Cleaner from Eureka. It requires no assembly, is easy to use and folds up for easy storage. $199. Available at

Rowenta Generator Expert Iron
With spring here, people are beginning to take their warm weather clothes out of storage. If you put them away in a hurry (as most people do), they probably need to be ironed. The Rowenta Generator Expert Iron allows you to use it in an upright position to remove wrinkles from hanging garments, curtains, drapes and slip covers. No ironing board required. $299. Available at

Lysol Ready Brush Toilet Cleaning System
The Lysol Ready Brush Toilet Cleaning System is the winner for turning the nastiest home cleaning job into a somewhat bearable chore. This is an all-in-one toilet brush and spray cleaner system that comes with a storage stand. $12. Available at

Mr.Clean AutoDry
Millions of people wash their cars every weekend in spring and summer.The Mr. Clean AutoDry Car Wash device hooks up to a standard hose and allows you to apply a pressure wash (without reusing dirty water), rinse and dry. It is guaranteed not to leave any spots on your car. No towel drying is necessary because of the special filter that is used during the rinse process. The starter kit retails for approximately $24.99. Available at

Lentek Stain Genie
To clean practically everything else, the Ultrasonic Stain Removal System by Lentek uses a combination of ultrasound waves, steam and water to do its work of cleaning jewelry, glasses, wallpaper (spots and stains), clothing and carpets. Some 50,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second remove ink, lipstick, chocolate, mustard, ketchup, red wine, soils, blood and more. $80. Available at

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