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New mom thanks stranger for unexpected kind act on plane

After unsuccessfuly trying to soothe her baby during a flight, a mother received a helping hand from the woman next to her who was able to put the crying baby to sleep
Woman gives a helping hand 35,000 feet in the air 01:19

Traveling with a baby is never easy.

For new mom, Rebekka Garvison, it seemed nearly impossible.

Garvison had been planning a trip -- traveling from Kalamazoo, Michigan, to Fort Rucker, Alabama -- to surprise her husband, Nick, a member of the U.S. Army, for quite some time. Although she was excited for the sweet reunion, she couldn't help but panic about flying alone with her daughter, Rylee, for the first time.

As she finally boarded her flight at 5:30 a.m., the mom looked around and noticed the airplane was packed. Even worse, it was quiet.

Kind stranger, Nyfesha Miller, helps rock the baby of new mom, Rebekka Garvison, to sleep. Facebook/Rebekka Garvison

With Rylee in her arms, she slowly made her way to her seat. The already stressed mom hesitantly took her assigned seat -- with a less than thrilled looking couple sitting beside her.

A few minutes later, her daughter began to cry.

The mom frantically searched for an alternative seat. Luckily, she spotted a nearly empty row and a flight attendant willing to relocate the pair.

That's when she met Nyfesha Miller, an "amazing" woman sitting by the window.

"I'm not sure if she could tell how stressed and upset I looked or what, but she turned our day completely around," Garvison wrote in a Facebook post to thank the kind stranger. "Rylee wouldn't stop crying no matter what I would try and she had asked if I didn't mind if she tried and of course I let her."

Rylee stopped crying the minute Miller began cradling her.

"When we got in the air she fell right asleep and slept in her lap the whole flight until we got to our gate," Garvison wrote. "She even carried her off the plane and held her so I could get the stroller and carseat put back together so I wasn't struggling to try and do it all alone."

The mom insisted she didn't want to impose, but the woman said it wasn't a problem; it was actually a "comforting feeling" for her, Garvison remembered Miller telling her.

So far, the mom's grateful Facebook post has been shared by nearly 85,000 people and received dozens of comments since it was posted last week.

Garvison even tagged Miller in her post.

"Nyfesha Miller, you will never understand how happy this act of kindness has made my family," she said. "You could've just rolled your eyes and been irritated like everyone else, but you took her and held her the entire flight and let me get some rest and peace of mind."

Miller replied to the viral Facebook post, saying she was "blown away" by the response.

"Just comes to show you how little acts of kindness really do go a long way," Miller posted.

Something amazing happened to me today and I will never be able to express how grateful I am for it. If anyone has ever...

Posted by Rebekka Garvison on Thursday, September 24, 2015
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