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New iriver Story HD eBook coming soon at Target

iriver Story HD

(CBS) - Starting next week, Target will have more than seven types of e-readers on its shelves to choose from: Barnes & Noble's Nook, the Amazon Kindle, Sony's Digital Reader, Pandigital's Multimedia eReader and a new device from electronics company iriver - just to name a few.

The newcomer is called the Story HD. "If you mistook it for a Kindle, we wouldn't blame you - as the design is nearly identical," says GottaBeMobile. "The reader's biggest draw is its crisp display, which the company touts as 'highest-resolution 6-inch e-reader.'"

The eBook has a 1024 x 768 resolution, while the Kindle has 800 x 600.

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Tech blog Engadget referred to it as "Kindle killer in waiting" and the "fastest-refreshing device of its kind."

The first-ever Google eBooks e-reader will set you back $139.99 and will hit shelves on July 17 at Target.

"The 7.3-ounce Story HD sports an electronic paper display made by LG, offers XGA (768x1,024 pixels) resolution and has 63.8 percent more pixels and faster page turns, thanks to an advanced processor from Freescale Semiconductor based on ARM Cortex technology," reports CNET. "It also has built-in Wi-Fi and allegedly gives you up to six weeks of battery life from a single charge. As far as other specs go, the Story HD has a QWERTY keypad, and supports EPUB and PDF formats with DRM."

Unlike the iPad and Nook, Story HD does not have a touch-screen interface, which is kind of a drag. (Maybe it's already in the works for an update?)

Users can choose from 3 million texts from the Google eBookstore, which "hasn't exactly set the world on fire since it launched late last year," according to CNET.

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