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New iPhone rumors: thinner, taller, metal


(CBS News) Apple recently announced its 2012 Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC), so it's only natural that a new round of iPhone rumors will crop up.

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According to the blog iLounge, the new iPhone will be longer and thinner than previous iPhone models.

"Approximate measurements are 125 mm by 58.5 mm by 7.4 mm - a 10 mm jump in height, nearly 2 mm reduction in thickness, and virtually identical width," an unnamed source told iLounge.

The source also said Apple's new iPhone will use Gorilla Glass 2, which is slightly thinner than the original. According to iLounge's source, the screen size will bump up to a 4-inch from the traditional 3.5-inches and may sport a metal back, instead of glass.

Previous rumors surrounding Apple's next iPhone have ranged from name changes to smaller "nano" models.

The most recent iPad launch ushered in a new naming structure for the device by dropping the numbers. Everyone was expecting an iPad 3, but got the "new iPad" instead. Some speculation suggests that perhaps the iPhone will have a similar change. Instead of the iPhone 5, we may see just the "new iPhone" launch this year.

Timing over the launch also remains much of a mystery. Some have suggested that Apple will return to its regular iPhone schedule - most of the smartphones have been announced at WWDC in the summer. Others feel like it's too soon, as the iPhone 4S was only launched in October 2011.

Then there is talk of the iPhone "nano." A recent report by the China Times claims that Apple is planning to release low-cost iPhone "nano" this year. According to the Times, the move aims to make gains on the low-end smartphone market. If the rumors are true, the iPhone "nano" could be released with the next iPhone.

All of the buzz could amount to wishful thinking, however. There was also talk of a cheaper iPhone model leading up to the launch of the iPhone 4S. No such iteration was announced. The entry point for an iPhone is $375 for an unlocked iPhone 3GS.

We won't know for sure if any of these rumors are true until Apple announces the new iPhone. WWDC can't come soon enough!

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