Nevis: No arrests after Justice Breyer robbery

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts - The local government head of the island of Nevis says he met with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer after the judge was robbed at his home on the Caribbean island.

Nevis Premier Joseph Parry says he went to Breyer's home the day after the Thursday night robbery. Parry says police are investigating although no arrests have been made. Parry also appealed for help from any witnesses or others with information about the crime in an interview Tuesday with radio station WINN 98.9.

A court spokeswoman said the 73-year-old Breyer, his wife and their guests were confronted by the machete-wielding robber. The intruder took about $1,000 in cash, and no one was hurt.

Justice Breyer robbed at knifepoint in Caribbean

An FBI agent on the scene in Nevis is assisting local police investigating the robbery, CBS News has learned. The U.S. Marshals Service is also assisting with the investigation.

The last time a justice was the victim of a crime was in 2004, when a group of young men assaulted Justice David Souter as he jogged on a city street. Souter suffered minor injuries.

In 1996, a man snatched Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's purse while she was out walking with her husband and daughter near their home in Washington. Ginsburg was not hurt.

The justices return from a nearly month-long recess for a closed-door conference on Friday. They will next meet in public on February 21.

In December, Breyer spoke to CBS News' Erica Hill and Jeff Glor about his new book, "Making Our Democracy Work: A Judge's View." See the interview below:
Breyer: "Making Our Democracy Work"