Ness lets you discover and rate restaurants with friends


(CBS) - Startup Ness recently launched a mobile app that takes the chatter out of user reviews and replaces it with a beautiful interface.

Ness uses location-based technology and eye-candy to suggest some of the best restaurants in your area. If you connect the app with Foursquare or Facebook, you'll also be able to get recommendations from friends based on their activity.

Its simple design is what sets it apart from other services. Ness is sort of like a stripped down version of Yelp with a dash of Foursquare.

The recommendations are limited to short tips, rather than the never-ending reviews that are sometimes on Yelp. Using Foursquare to connect is perfect because it's probable that your friends on the location-based network are leaving reviews.

"Ness has more user ratings in its first three months than Yelp did in its first two years, and Ness is growing its ratings base faster than any of its competitors," the company stated via email.

A recent update of the app now lets you send thank you notes to friends for great recommendations.

Facebook fanatics can also post tips from Ness to their profiles.