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Nervous, Kate? Just picture Charles in his knickers

Kate Middleton arrives at the Goring Hotel in central London, on April 28, 2011, where she will spend the night before her wedding. Getty

By Cara Sullivan

The Royal Wedding is officially one day away, and if we had to guess, Kate Middleton is officially the most nervous woman on the planet. How could she not be?

In just a few hours, she'll make the four-minute journey down the aisle of Westminster Abbey, exchange vows with her longtime love, and in a split second, transform from a beloved commoner to Princess Catherine of Wales.

Pictures: Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Hundreds of high-profile guests will be watching from the pews, and billions more will be peering in from living rooms around the globe, transfixed on every breath she takes. If she trips, the world will see it. Fumbles her vows? The world will hear it.

With that kind of pressure, there's only one place she should be right now: Up to her chin in bubble bath at the Goring Hotel, watching "The Princess Bride" on the newly-renovated suite's waterproof, flat screened TV, and sipping the finest Champagne royal money can buy. After all, what is there to do at this point besides relax?

The wedding is coming with the force of a freight train, but if anyone can handle it with poise and grace, it's Kate.

Our advice? Sink a little lower into those bubbles and turn up the volume on that fancy TV of yours. Tomorrow morning, when you emerge from your car (looking stunning, no doubt) and peer out over the sea of flashbulbs and crazy hats, remember that no matter what happens and who's watching, the only two people that matter are you and William.

Still feel like you're about to have heart palpitations? Easy - just picture Prince Charles in his knickers.

Cara Sullivan is the deputy editor of Martha Stewart Weddings. She lives in New York City with her husband.

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