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Float through the space station in this stunning 4K video

It’s something few Earthlings ever get to experience — floating in zero gravity through the International Space Station. Now, thanks to a new NASA video posted on YouTube, those of us who are land-bound can get a vivid taste of what it’s like. 

The video, shot in 4K ultra-high definition, gives a virtual tour of the space station with our planet visible some 200 miles below. A soothing musical score provides the soundtrack to the fly-through. The video is produced by Harmonic, which provides NASA TV “beautiful imagery from the space program” while “leveraging the latest 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) technologies,” according to the company’s website. 

So, sit back, channel your inner astronaut and enjoy the weightless sensation of moving through the winding corridors of the space station.

Space Station Fisheye Fly-Through 4K (Ultra HD) by NASA on YouTube
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