Naomi Watts on acting "The Impossible"

Naomi Watts wanted to be an actress from an early age. She moved to Hollywood with a five-year plan. But it soon turned into 10.

"You talk about going to these auditions and just the rejection over and over and over again. It does get personal after a while, I would imagine," said Cowan.

"Oh my God, I mean I consider myself fairly sensitive, but I don't think a strong person could cope with it over and over again, and ten years of it," Watts said. "There were moments where I was sure I was done."

"Did you ever think about quitting? Giving Up?"

"Oh yeah, but I didn't have a B-plan really, I didn't!" she laughed.

One of her best friends from Australia is fellow actress Nicole Kidman, whom Watts said advised her: "It's just gonna take one thing, one thing 'Nay,' and you know, if you're in a hit film, then everything changes.' And that's what happened. She was right."

The film was David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive."

"Did you know that this was going to make the difference?" Cowan asked.

"No, actually. I thought I was doing a ridiculous performance," she replied. "Everything was Aaaaaaaah! I'm like, 'Who acts like that?'"

Two years later she was nominated for an Oscar for "21 Grams," opposite Sean Penn.

And then came Kong.

"I remember calling up David Lynch who's, you know, my mentor, and he said to me, 'Naomi, anyone who sits in the hand of King Kong is a movie star for life!'" she laughed.

At 44 she is indeed a movie star, with enough wattage to have taken on the controversial role of playing Princess Diana, for a film due out this later year.

"I like complicated women," she said. "I like women with strength and contradictions, and she embodies all of those things."

But this year, she plans on cutting back a bit, to spend more time with her family. She lives with actor Liev Shreiber and their two children.

"In theory, yeah," she said of cutting back. "I mean, get back to me on it!"

Family is important. Watts' own parents divorced when she was four. Her father, a sound engineer for the band Pink Floyd, died when Naomi was just seven. "It's a very sad thing for a child to have only one parent. To have a missing parent, it's not fair," she said.

She'll be missing him especially that night in Los Angeles, when she walks down the most famous red carpet in the world. He'd be proud, Watts said.

Her cheering section, however, will stretch across the globe, to one very special fan -- and friend.

"This performance deserves everything, everything," said Maria Belon. "I'll be crossing my fingers from Spain, hoping that justice will be made."

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