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Nancy Pelosi speaks at weekly news conference

Trump cancels Pelosi's overseas trip

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is speaking at her weekly news conference amid the longest government shutdown in American history. Pelosi made waves this week by urging President Trump to postpone the State of the Union address until the government is reopened, citing security concerns.

"I'm not for a wall," Pelosi said repeatedly at the press conference, referring to $5.7 billion funding for the border wall Mr. Trump is requesting in order to sign bills funding the government. "Insistence on the wall is a luxury the country can no longer afford."

Replying to a question from CBS News' Nancy Cordes, Pelosi said that she had not heard from the White House about her letter requesting a delay to the State of the Union. She also discussed the need to reopen the government to pay federal workers.

"He thinks it is okay not to pay people who do work. I don't. My caucus doesn't either," Pelosi said about Mr. Trump.

Top White House officials are discussing whether the GOP-controlled Senate could invite Mr. Trump to deliver the State of the Union address, CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett reported. Senior administration officials say there is increased talk in the White House about wanting the shutdown ended.

Senior officials are advising him that Pelosi's suggestion is a sign of weakness -- that Democrats fear he will use the stage to his advantage. It's not known whether that is actually the case, but it is what senior officials are telling him.