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Name of Princess Madeleine's baby revealed

The name of Sweden's newest royal has been revealed, and it's not steeped in family tradition -- although it does give a nod to a romance between a prince and a commoner that ended happily ever after.

Princess Leonore Lilian Maria is the name of the new baby, the Swedish royal court announced Wednesday.

The infant princess was born Feb. 20 in New York to Princess Madeleine, the king's youngest child, and her husband, American banker Christopher O'Neill.

King Carl XVI Gustaf revealed the baby's name and title at a Cabinet meeting in Stockholm.

O'Neill declined to accept a title on his marriage last June to Madeleine, but the king said the baby will be styled "Her Royal Highness." She has been given the title of Duchess of Gotland.

Princess Leonore, the second grandchild of the king and Queen Silvia, is officially fifth in line to the throne. Her mot

her, Princess Madeleine, 31, is fourth.

The baby will be christened in the royal palace church in Stockholm sometime this summer, the royal court said.

Leonore, a former of Eleanor, is an unusual name in Sweden, although it's not unknown in royal circles. The second in line to the Spanish throne is 8-year-old Princess Leonor, elder daughter of Crown Prince Felipe.

"It's cute and exciting," Mistress of Robes Alice Trolle-Wachtmeister said at a press conference following the announcement, according to, a website for Swedish news in England.

"Isn't it the trend in Sweden now to give unusual names? Not everyone can be called Pelle and Lisa."

The baby's second name is believed to be in honor of Princess Lilian, who died in March 2013 at the age of 97.

The daughter of a Welsh coal miner, Princess Lilian waited 33 years before she was finally permitted to marry her prince, Bertil of Sweden. AP Photo
Princess Lilian was born the daughter of a Welsh coal miner in 1915. A model and actress, she met Prince Bertil of Sweden at a London nightclub during World War II. They fell in love, but Bertil could not marry a commoner without giving up his rights to the throne. (This was the era when Britain's Edward VIII had to abdicate in order to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.)

Lilian and Bertil lived together for more than 30 years, during which Lilian behaved with great discretion and received no official recognition. After the death of the old king, Gustaf VI Adolf, King Carl XVI Gustaf came to the throne and gave his uncle Bertil permission to marry his longtime companion. They married in 1976 and remained together until Bertil's death in 1987.

It's becoming increasingly common for young royals to give their children names they like, rather than those steeped in family tradition. In Britain, Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter Zara Phillips and her rugby star husband Mike Tindall named their daughter Mia Grace.

Princess Madeleine's older sister, Crown Princess Victoria, and her husband, Prince Daniel, named their daughter Estelle - a name with no special royal connections. Princess Estelle, who just turned 2, will one day be queen of Sweden. One royal historian sniffed that the name sounded better suited to a nightclub singer than a future monarch.
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