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Prince Harry's close friend Nacho Figueras says royal couple is "misinterpreted"

Nacho Figueras has typically remained discreet about his close friendship with Prince Harry but on "CBS This Morning" Wednesday, the polo star opened up his relationship with the royal couple who he said is often "misinterpreted."

Figueras defended Harry earlier this week while when a reporter asked him to comment on the fact that Harry was leaving his newborn son behind to go play in a charity polo tournament in Rome.

"How dare that guy, you know, tells a father who loves his child and is leaving his house for 24 hours and he's going to raise money for thousands of vulnerable children in Africa," Figueras said. "How dare he say something like that. It bothers me how these guys change the narrative of the thing. If you don't pay attention and respond ... strongly, that's the story."

Figueras said the headline of the story should be that Harry was willing to be away from his newborn in order to raise money for children in Africa. The tournament was part of Harry's Sentebale foundation.

"That's the headline. I think this is a problem because otherwise, you know, we're all distracted. We're all, with our lives looking at our phones or you go through your Instagram or your news thing and then you read, 'oh he left his house, he left his family.' That's what stays in your head. You receive this information, it's edited in a way and you process it that way. We're smart enough to know, but kids who are not focused to understand the real situation would take it in like that, so I think it's crazy," Figueras said.

Figueras, who typically shies away from answering questions about the highly scrutinized royal couple, said he thought it was important to speak up for them because they're so often "misinterpreted," adding, "It bothered me a lot."

"The headlines and the narrative is about them, you know, not getting along with so and so or not doing this or not doing that, is the baby sleeping or not sleeping. How about this guy, both of them, wake up every morning and all they think about is helping children," Figueras said.

Figueras, often referred to as the David Beckham of polo, went on to explain that on their trip to Rome, Harry went to great lengths to use as little plastic as possible – highlighting his dedication to making the world a better place.

"That's who he is," he said. "That's who they are."

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