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My name is Luke, and I am a binge TV viewer

(CBS News) Nearly everyone has a secret weakness of some sort . . . and that includes our contributor Luke Burbank:

I have a confession to make, something I've never told anyone, not even my closest friends: I have a problem, which I'm powerless to control. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go.

You see, I'm addicted to binge-watching episodic television.

Now back in the 1980s and '90s -- the "good ol' days," as I call them -- things were simple, safe. If you liked a show, you watched it.

And then when it was over, it was over . . . and YOU went on with your life.

But now everything's changed. TV shows are too good. They're like miniature films.

Working through an old season of "Homeland" or "Mad Men," when one episode ends, there's always another one waiting for you, begging you to watch it.

"The Sopranos" . . . "The Wire" . . . "Dexter" . . .

Months, maybe years of my life, lost.

And just when I thought maybe, maybe I was getting back on my feet, "Downton Abbey" came along.

Damn those loveable, hateable, watchable Upper Class Brits!

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I tell myself I'm just going to watch the first episode. Sure, just a little "Game of Thrones," just to take the edge off. But deep down I know one episode isn't going to be enough. One turns into two, two turns into an entire season.

Calls go unreturned, friend's birthdays are missed. Sleep . . . sleep? Are you kidding me? Not with Tyrion Lannister trying to defend King's Landing, and Theon Greyjoy attacking Winterfell, no thank you.

I've tried to stop on my own, but now I know I need help from a higher power . . . Hollywood.

C'mon, you guys, you can't just keep making these irresponsible products, and leaving them out there where anyone, any child or 36-year-old man can get their eyeballs on them.

Bring back "Cop Rock" and "Manimal"! Even that "Caveman" show everyone hated, the one based on the commercials? These were shows we were perfectly happy missing!

Please, save me from myself. Stop streaming these shows. Confiscate my Apple TV and Roku boxes. And for the love of God, take back all the DVDs . . . uh, actually, except one, the fourth season of "Breaking Bad." I just really want to know if Walt and Skyler buy that car wash so they can keep the secret drug lab going . . . you know, just one more episode . . .

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